Home Education Coach

“Without education we are in horrible and deadly danger of taking educated people seriously.” G.K. Chesterton

2020 has been a year of unprecedented challenges for parents whose children have always gone to school. Suddenly, we were all in charge, all day long, sometimes with little direction from the school system.  If you have found this page, you may now be considering home schooling this fall. But you have learned that it is not without challenges to be home with children and in charge of their education. 

I am a “retired” homeschool teacher who successfully taught through high school. Both my children ended up at high level schools with scholarships, have completed graduate degrees (Master of Music Arts & PhD in Chemistry), and are now working, raising, and educating their own children.

After the children graduated, I volunteered for Athanatos Christian Ministries where I created and taught classes in Christian Apologetics and Philosophy for Athanatos Academy. I served as the judge for the Athanatos Christian Novel Contest for five years, coaching semi-finalists to improve their work for final submissions.

I have also taught online and in person reading, writing, and critical thinking classes for other home educated children. But mostly, I have coached homeschool moms, helping them wade through choices, plan goals, and work through the inevitable obstacles that arise. Everyone needs reinforcements when it comes to educating children and with the public schools so uncertain at the moment, maybe you do too. No buzz-words, just common-sense advice on the best materials and approach for your children’s needs.

I am available for email and telephone coaching. I can help you plan and execute a year of great education in a way that suits your goals and your timeframe. I will recommend books, and processes which can make this your best year yet. 

Initial Consultation: 75$ In this time we will discuss your goals and concerns and come up with a plan. This may take up to 90 minutes, so grab a cool beverage and find a quiet(ish) place.

Follow up:  50$ an hour telephone or up to three email exchanges. 

Email me at Debbiethompson2635@gmail.com and put “Consulting” in the Subject line to reserve a time, payment due via paypal 24 hours prior to initial consultation call.