A Question…

Earlier this summer my wife and I built a deck. I joked with the building inspector that I had to deal with two major problems along the way. First, I had to work around the deficiencies in the wood. Second, I had to work around deficiencies in my carpentry.

I suppose it is the same way when I paint. In more scientific terms, there is always a “delta” between what I see and what I paint. There are times when that “delta” surprises me. This is one of them.

I was very intentional in choosing the palate for this. I wanted to use compliments of blues and oranges as well as violet and yellows. I also wanted a bit of a wild, flowing feel to the sky. Yet I wanted a very precise placement of sun and the point of “motion interaction” within a golden section framework. Yet, I remain surprised by it.

I am led to ask: There is a fine line between bold and garish. Am I tip-toeing up to the line and peeking over the edge, or am I boldly crashing over it like Thelma and Louise heading for the Grand Canyon? Still a work in progress, but I am enjoying this one. (17 x 25.5″ acrylic on canvas)

Poland, 2019. Acrylic on canvas. 17” x 25.5”

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