New Sign for the New Studio

Slowly but surely I am developing my studio space.  I am still in the lower level of the main house, but will be moving to the studio by summer.  I’m currently working on electrical, insulation, walls and a floor, but the prospects are good.

I have also made the sign for out front, to mark the location for passers-by.  It is my intent for this to be a working studio, where guests are welcome and a gallery is present for their viewing.  I suppose a few sales would be nice, too. However, an artist needs to work and needs a good space to inspire him.    The sign is two sided–one featuring a Mondrian-inspiried composition and the other has a Kandinski-inspiried improvisation with spray paint.

If you’re in the Wautoma, WI area, drop by.  I may need some help with the drywall.

Update!  The sign is up!  The studio is “open” (when we’re here).  We’re still working on flooring and window trim, but the building is now a functional art studio.  We’ll be doing some landscaping this fall to “garden-up” the front space.  The front of this building is always in the shade, making it a wonderful place to sit a spell on a hot day.

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