New Sign for the New Studio

Slowly but surely I am developing my studio space.  I am still in the lower level of the main house, but will be moving to the studio by summer.  I’m currently working on electrical, insulation, walls and a floor, but the prospects are good.

I have also made the sign for out front, to mark the location for passers-by.  It is my intent for this to be a working studio, where guests are welcome and a gallery is present for their viewing.  I suppose a few sales would be nice, too. However, an artist needs to work and needs a good space to inspire him.    The sign is two sided–one featuring a Mondrian-inspiried composition and the other has a Kandinski-inspiried improvisation with spray paint.

If you’re in the Wautoma, WI area, drop by.  I may need some help with the drywall.

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